2019 Session Schedule

June 24* Full SAT practice exam (baseline) administered
June 25* InspireDo session begins
July 20 Practice SAT administered
August 10 Practice SAT administered
August 24 First Official SAT
September 7 First Official ACT
September 21 Practice SAT administered
October 5 Second Official SAT
October 12 PSAT/NMQST (optional)
October 26 Official ACT (optional)
November 2 Official SAT (optional)
December 7 Official SAT (optional)
December 7 Official ACT (optional)

* date to be finalized

Session Details

The summer program runs from June 24th to October 5th (15 weeks). In the first nine weeks, a typical week consists of: two personalized tutoring sessions (30 minutes each), four practice sessions (one hour each), and daily mind training (10 minutes). In the last six weeks, when school has resumed, students will have daily mind training and one to two hours of weekly practice in order to stay fresh and prepared for the exams.

If a student would like to go on with testing after taking the August 24th, September 7th and October 5th tests, continued support (materials and tutoring) is provided until the fall of her/his senior year.

Every Sunday, each student is responsible for scheduling their practice, tutoring and mind training sessions. They will submit their calendar for review and monitoring.

Students take the first official SAT exam of the fall on Saturday, August 24th, followed by the first official ACT exam on Saturday, September 7th, and the second official SAT on Saturday, October 5th. Students have the option to take additional ACT and SAT exams.

It is anticipated that students will take a one-week vacation during the summer, and no work will be assigned. InspireDo is able to create custom schedules to accommodate each student’s needs.