College Acceptance

Today's world of college admission requires several layers for success. To gain admission to your dream college, you must deliver a complete package including strong standardized test scores. A recent study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling found that "a small increase in test score could have a significant impact on an applicant’s chances of being admitted." Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reports that your scores can impact you well after college because employers are now using SAT scores as an employment qualification tool.

Incredible Results

The inaugural year of our innovative program was the summer of 2015 and generated unbelievable results for the 5 sophomores who took the old SAT (2400 points):

  • 1 perfect 2400 score
    1.7 million students took the test and only 583 achieved a perfect score of 2400. InspireDo helped one of our students achieve this rare feat.
  • 334 point average score improvement

The program increased to 15 students in 2016 and had similar success on the ACT:

  • 2 perfect scores
    Nearly 2.1 million students took the test and only 1,598 achieved a perfect score of 36. InspireDo helped two of its students achieve this rare feat.
  • 5 point average ACT score improvement

Our 2017 results with 26 students:

  • 1 near-perfect SAT score of 1570 out of 1600
  • 4 point average ACT score improvement
  • 1 student achieved a 9 point ACT score improvement

The past summer, 2018, our students achieved:

  • 136 point average SAT increase
  • 1 near-perfect SAT score of 1540 out of 1600
  • 1 student improved by 260 points

Delighted Parents

Please contact us if you would like to coordinate a reference call.

"Your program provided the foundation for discipline that I do not think she would have had without it. We are seeing her friends take other courses that are much lighter and less structured that I do not think would have the same impact. Also, your recommendation to do this the summer prior to her Junior year made a big difference. It would be really difficult to devote the effort during the school year (which we are finding now) and if we waited to next summer it may be too late."

—Adam Lewenberg

"The program forced my son to organize his time and therefore prepare much more effectively for the tests. Also preparing during the summer and taking the tests during the early fall, took off a lot of stress during his Junior year. My husband and I highly recommend InspireDo."

—Stacey Danziger

"InspireDo is an innovative and effective program. InspireDo's emphasis on disciplined, daily effort builds confidence and yields impressive results. Come test day, InspireDo students are relaxed and ready to knock it down!"

—Carol Kinney

“The whole thing far exceeded our expectations - we'd certainly act as a reference, testimonial, etc.”

—Craig Alie

“I really appreciate the system you put in place and the value of the program you developed at InspireDo - I am a believer.”

—Ed Maron

“The results exceeded our expectations - happy to serve as a reference to future prospects.”

—Jane Simons

“I'm really impressed with what you did this summer. The techniques and training helped him achieve an incredible test score and also had a positive spillover to his schoolwork.”

—John Parker

“InspireDo is an amazing program that helps you set and achieve goals – it would be my pleasure to serve as a reference.”

—Wendy Tang