The cost of the InspireDo program is $2,500 and is due before taking the baseline exam. The program is designed for rising juniors. The three phases of the program are:

The InspireDo program fee includes:

InspireDo vs. Traditional Tutoring

To provide a frame of reference on the effectiveness of traditional tutoring, the Wall Street Journal reported the following:

The college counselors' report concludes that, on average, prep courses yield only a modest benefit, "contrary to the claims made by many test-preparation providers." It found that SAT coaching resulted in about 30 points in score improvement on the SAT, out of a possible 1600, and less than one point out of a possible 36 on the ACT, the other main college-entrance exam.

—WSJ Article: “SAT Coaching Found to Boost Scores—Barely”

Below is a chart comparing InspireDo to a commonly-used test prep company and traditional tutoring service:

Commonly Used Test Prep Company Traditional
InspireDo Classroom Classroom Plus Private Tutoring Private Tutor
Program Cost $2,500 $899 $1,599 $2,599 $100-425/hr
Private Tutoring 18 sessions No 3 sessions 12 sessions n/a
SAT Prep Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ACT Prep Yes Additional Additional Additional Yes
Focus Endurance Training Yes No No No No
Time Management Training Yes No No No No
Stress Management Training Yes No No No No
Breath Control Training Yes No No No No


If you are interested in the program, want to learn more or have questions email Annika at or call her at 781-704-3636.