Innovative Approach

InspireDo developed a new approach to prepare for the SAT and ACT which generated incredible results for our students. We incorporated the latest in brain training and motivational research coming out of the nation's top universities. Our students prepare for the exams much as world-class athletes prepare for competition. Key strategies to help our students optimize their training and test day performance are:

  • Breath control
  • Focus endurance
  • Time management
  • Stress management

Advanced Technology

Technology is an essential component of the InspireDo program.

  • The InspireDo application was custom built to help motivate students. It uses powerful technology from Google and couples it with the latest research on motivation, focus and effort.

  • Khan Academy is helping to change the world with its online learning platform. We leverage this platform to give the students the information they need for success.

Flexible Scheduling

The key to success is consistent and focused practice. We ask our students to commit to about one hour of practice per day during the summer.

A unique weekly schedule is created for each student taking into account her/his other commitments. Each student is expected to take a one-week vacation and no studying is required.

Please see our Scheduling page for details on the 2019 schedule.