Innovative SAT and ACT Prep

Scott Kessler and Annika Noren are a husband and wife team based in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and founded InspireDo in early 2015. Their goal is to help students succeed on the SAT and ACT, and develop life skills such as self-motivation, time management, stress management and performance optimization.

Annika earned a BS of Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Clark University, and loves a good puzzle (which standardized testing resembles). Scott earned a BA of Economics from Williams College and is intensely fascinated by self-improvement techniques and the power of the brain. They have 4 children: Erik, a graduate from Williams College; Caroline, a senior at Williams College; Cam, a hockey goalie with the USPHL; and Ronnie, a student at the Devereux School. Erik, Caroline and Cam have all contributed to InspireDo in various roles throughout the years as: student, tutor, app developer, tutor/curriculum coordinator, and designer of mind-training videos. This year Scott will lead the mind-training curriculum of InspireDo, Annika will run the ACT and SAT prep aspect, and Cam will be the mind-training video designer and lead tutor.